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Modules and Pricing

The costs for Add’n Tax depend entirely on your needs and requirements. With our flexible modules, you can put together exactly the services you actually need – our pricing model is always fair and transparent.

Basic module Data preparation

75/ month
Data preparation (sales and deliveries)
For sales tax returns within the EU
For statistical reporting

Module Amazon Subledger Accounting

125/ month
Automatic reconciliation of paid and submitted invoices
Preliminary account assignment for financial accounting

Module Statistical Reporting

75/ month

2nd country 65€ | starting with 3rd country 50€

Combination of sales revenue data with product data
CSV-Download for passing on to statistical federal offices

Module Pro Forma Invoices

25/ month
Preparation of "pro forma invoices" for proof of intra-EU transfer cases
PDF-Download for passing on to the tax office

Modul Archiving

5/ month
Regular backup of the data stored in the portal
Storage for legally mandated period (6-10 years)

Module Service

0/ month
Service and help with maintenance
One hour per month included if module 1, 2, 3 or 4 is booked
Further services for 90€/h with transparent billing